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How Responsive Web Design Impacts WordPress Themes

August 9th, 2018

How Responsive Web Design impacts WordPress Themes

The breakthrough technology by which the html layout of a webpage automatically fits to the width and height of any screen device is called Responsive Web Design. Furthermore, the layout can be made to flow seamlessly on any device, with the help of the CSS written for that particular device. From a technical point of view, the html that is generated remains the same for all kinds of devices. It is the CSS that plays an all-important role in managing each device. Here’s an example to explain how it works: a homepage slider which has a width of 960 pixels on a laptop or a desktop gets automatically resized to 300 pixels for iPhones and similar devices!

Back-End or Front-End?

You do not need a special server or hosting to run responsive websites since it is on the browser that the responsiveness comes about. It has everything to do with CSS3 and Media Queries. Media Queries form the main aspect of responsive web design but what we are discussing here is just how it impacts a WordPress theme. Google up Media Queries and you can learn all that is there to be learned on it.

ROI on using Responsive Web Design

If you build your site based on a Responsive Web Design you are bound to get greater Return of Investment for sure. This is because your site becomes equally viewer-friendly across screen sizes from that of a desktop, laptop, tablet device to even smartphones like iPhone, Galaxy S and other Android Phones. And you can do all this in one go. You needn’t approach your web developer again for a mobile – friendly site as a single development process takes care of a site that fits all screens.

Really no catch?

Yes indeed! There are no glitches in such a development. However, you might require some enhancements or device – exclusive functionalities based on the requirements of the people who want to build the site. On occasions, developers also may point these out. To cite an example, there are special events in touch-screen devices called “Swipe” and “Tap” which you will not find in a non-touch-screen device. A developer can come up with great functionalities for a mobile device – friendly site but it may cost a little more than a conventional site.

Team work is the key for a great WordPress theme with Responsive Theme

Developing a responsive website require a totally different work culture altogether. A designer or a developer alone cannot do much and it is the synergy that both bring by discussing the project and implementing on it, which will do the trick.

Why WordPress?

Google Trends reveal that WordPress is the most popular CMS as on January 2012. WordPress is so designedly friendly that any newbie designer without much knowledge of PHP too can design a theme on it. With a little help from WordPress developers, a designer who can put in creative inputs can come up with amazing outputs. This is why the ThemeForest website puts up a whole lot of WordPress themes with responsive web design for sale. One wouldn’t be surprised if all WordPress themes in the future come with responsive design.

Role of Simplicity in eCommerce Website Development

August 8th, 2018

eCommerce website development is the process of development of websites, for selling products. Most businesses today have invested in online shop development and that’s quite justified as well. After all, consumers are increasingly getting net savvy and a major chunk of dealings, now happen online. Thus, let it be Zen cart eCommerce development or Magneto eCommerce web development, designers are leaving no stone unturned to create dynamic eCommerce websites.

However, design intricacies have reached a stage where the websites are getting too complicated. It all started with websites selling a few products or offering basic scheme. But with time, the scope has tremendously expanded. It is no longer limited to few products or pages. 1000s of products are displayed and sold on a website. While earlier, it was just an introductory scheme, now there are a range of offers and plan options. Payments too are made online and on several occasions the eCommerce website is developed such that offered discount coupons can be availed across a segment of portals. The stated has empowered customer to do as much more, however at the same time, this has also complicated the whole process. With one website selling products and fulfilling the various related functions, website development is no longer an easy job. Different applications like Zen cart development or Magneto eCommerce development or other such variants are thus being deployed.

Increased demands however have made the websites more complicated. The simplicity factor has eroded and this is a problem. A shopper is now lost in the online maze. One page directs to another, which leads to a yet another connecting page and so on so forth. Many a times, buyers end up buying wrong products or stay confused over the amount of final bill. Either product specifications are not clear or there are just too many pictures to confuse. In other words, the focus during development of online shops has drifted from the buyer’s ease. The websites are no longer user friendly. They are hi-tech and they have excellent sale offers, but the look & feel is all too difficult.

Target consumer is important

Simplicity is important in website development; the role however increases if the target audiences are people from non technical background. The idea is that the user has limited technical knowledge and he has reached a particular website to buy. This buyer is simply not interested in the sophisticated programming techniques applied, while making this website. Customer will be impressed if he can find the needed products simply and can buy them, with as much ease.

Researchers have established that the cognitive load must be reduced so that the user is able to take in & thus understand the information presented on a page. From a company perspective, this shall greatly help. Most buyers will favor a website which helps them shop, without having to go through the nitty-gritty of the difficult surfing process. E commerce web design is about simplicity. While developing an eCommerce website for selling products, keep target audiences in mind & ensure that the final product is usable.

Top PHP Development Frameworks And Their Advantages

August 7th, 2018

PHP is the most widely used server side scripting language for developing websites and web applications. PHP programmers opt for PHP as more and more tools are developed on a regular basis that enhances the programming efficiency. There are many frameworks available in the market that allows a PHP development company to develop and deliver complex websites and applications in very less time. The main challenge is to choose one that best suits your requirements.

Some of the advantages of using PHP frameworks are:

  • Quick Application Development
  • Lightweight Application Development
  • Standardized Application Architecture
  • Compatibility of Code
  • Easy Debugging
  • Code modification functionality
  • Online Help, Forums and Community

Coming back to the PHP frameworks, there are numerous frameworks available in the market. A capable web development company will be able to develop applications on almost every major application. Mentioned below are top 4 PHP frameworks available in the market. These frameworks are highly user friendly and offer extensive flexibility to them.

Cake-PHP: Cake-PHP is famous for allowing fast and rapid development of applications. The most essential feature that attracts PHP developers to this framework is that developers are not required to install the whole package. All they need to do is install the database and start developing around it. Cake-PHP is the simplest application to work on for beginners and it also reduces the coding effort required in other frameworks.

Smarty PHP: Smarty PHP or Smarty Template Engine is a framework that suits everyone. Whether you have to build a small application or have a huge requirement, you can use this framework for everything. This great application separates the application presentation layer from application logic layer. Moreover, it is supported by hundreds of template syntax enhancements and also offers PHP streams support for application development.

Zend: Zend is one of the most famous and widely used PHP frameworks. The framework is composed of individual components that take care of the common tasks in PHP web development. Zend allows developers to build applications much faster than the traditional coding methodology. Zend offers round the clock technical support through Zend server and Zend cluster manager. This framework is most suitable for developers who want to build sophisticated web applications that are technically complex.

Symphony: Symphony also referred as full stack framework utilizes the best practices of PHP coding and allows developers to create applications that are highly sophisticated and allows them to practice their talent to the fullest. Symphony offers a library with scores of PHP code classes that are highly useful in quick development of applications.

Every PHP development company has expert developers who can work on these frameworks. This makes it much more easily available and less costly to afford. Clients have to find a well reputed and experienced web development company who has a proven track record of successful project deliveries. These PHP development service providers are usually experienced and have expertise in utilizing the PHP frameworks to their fullest and developing a highly effective solution that fulfills all the requirements of the client.